There are loads of reasons why you should hire a Photo Booth from Ultimate Party Nights. Here are just a few:

No matter what type of occasion you’re celebrating, hiring a photo booth from Ultimate Party Nights is a brilliant way to inject even more fun into your event. Guests of all ages love to crowd into a photo booth and enjoy themselves, pulling faces and generally being silly. Afterwards, you can all look back on the great time you had by viewing all the photos online.

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage guests to mingle at an event, especially when they don’t all know each other. Getting your colleagues from work to chat to your old school chums isn’t as easy as it seems but with a photo booth, the process of breaking the ice is suddenly much simpler. Strangers strike up conversations while waiting for their turn and pose for shots together – before you know it, everyone is getting on swimmingly.

If you’ve been thinking about giving away party favours at your event but haven’t been able to come up with anything suitable, a photo booth could solve all your problems. Your guests are going to love taking home their photos, and it’s something they can keep forever. Everyone in the photograph will be given their own 2”x 6” photo strip. If you require a larger size print (4” x 6”) then this is an additional option.

Photo booth hire takes you and your guests back to a bygone age before we all relied on digital cameras and smartphones to take our photographs. A printed photo has a truly classic feel and can decorate a wall or a fridge – something which your iphone screen simply can’t do!

Weddings, graduations, christenings… all events are better when there’s a guest book to keep as a memento afterwards. While it’s always nice to have written messages from your friends and family, it’s even better if those comments are accompanied by images, and that’s where your photo booth can help! Guests books can be added to any of our photo booth packages.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep children entertained at parties and events. If you’ve got youngsters attending your celebration, Photo Booth hire can keep them engaged and interested to the end of the evening. Even better, it gives their Mums and Dads a chance to let their hair down and enjoy the occasion without having to worry about what their kids are getting up to.

Official photographers will always do a brilliant job of capturing the key elements of your event, but there are often subtle moments that get overlooked. With a Photo Booth, those special memories can be preserved forever with a high-quality camera and studio lighting to produce colourful prints instantly.

One of the best things about our photo booth hire is that it comes with a range of fun props and accessories so your guests can get even more entertainment from the experience. Not only will they enjoy themselves creating exciting images but the results will keep you all laughing.

When you’re arranging any event, you’ve got a lot to think about. Luckily, a photo booth is an effort-free addition to the occasion. When you hire your photo booth from us, you can rest assured that everything will be set up and organised for you so you’ll have nothing extra to worry about. We supply friendly and fun booth attendants with all our bookings, so you won’t need to worry about a thing, we’ll be there on hand to make sure your guests are well looked after and that the booth runs smoothly throughout the whole duration of your event.

Arranging events can be a costly business, but if you hire a photo booth from us, you’ll find that you can enjoy great value for money. For one low cost, you and your guests can benefit from some great entertainment, a lot of laughs and some precious mementos that will last a lifetime.

Hannah Hutchings

Thank you so much for keeping our guests entertained at our wedding on Saturday! My little bridesmaids certainly made use of the Backdrop Photo Booth and our guest book will be treasured for years to come. Sooooo much fun, highly recommend to everyone!

Shana Thomas

Outstanding, fabulous friendly and incredibly helpful to the children too. They were amazing. Everyone loved the photo booth. If you haven’t hired them yet do it asap they are brilliant you won’t regret it. I’ve already recommended them to loads of friend and will be hiring them again later in July. Thank you so much.

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