Luxury Photo Booths


Do you have any questions for us? Hopefully, you will find the answers below. If not, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

How does the photo booth work? Our photo booths are designed to cater to all your guests. All they need to do is choose a prop, strike a pose, and press the start button on the touch screen monitor. The photos are taken in sequence and printed on high-quality paper using a dye sub printer. After a few moments, your guests can collect their printed photos from the collection tray.

Is there assistance available for using the booth? Included in the hire price is a friendly booth operator who will handle the setup and takedown of the photo booth. They will encourage your guests to have fun with the props and oversee the smooth operation of the booth throughout the hire duration, while also ensuring the booth area remains tidy.

Can the booth be accessed on different floors? While the booth can be dismantled, setting it up on the ground floor is quicker and easier for us. Alternatively, if the venue has a lift, that works as well.

How much space is required for the booth? We require approximately 2.4m x 2.4m for the booth setup, and the backdrop is 2.4m tall. If space is limited, please still contact us, as we can discuss and consider adjustments.

How long does it take to set up the photo booth? We usually allocate at least one hour before the event start time to set up and ensure everything is ready for your guests. Please ensure that the venue is expecting us and that we can unload and set up at the agreed-upon time.

What else is needed from the venue? We will need an allocated space in the function room for the photo booth to be set up. A 2.4m x 2.4m area is required for setup and for easy access by your guests. We will also need nearby access to a mains power supply to power up the booth.

How many people can fit into the photo booth? Our booth has an open-plan design, allowing more people to fit into the shot compared to most other photo booths. It can accommodate approximately 1-8 people, sometimes more depending on the requested layout. Additionally, there are multiple background options to choose from.

Can small children use the photo booth? Certainly! Children can use our photobooth, but they need to be accompanied by an adult while using the booth.

How many prints are included in the price? Your booking includes an unlimited number of booth visits. On average, guests tend to use around 40 prints per hour, but this can vary.

What is the size of the prints? Our standard photo size is 4×6, and the print will feature the three poses arranged on the paper. We also personalize the prints to suit your occasion. Check out our Facebook page for examples of what we can offer.

What type of printer do you use? We only use professional dye-sublimation printers in our photo booths, ensuring the best quality prints. This type of printer delivers high-quality, instant-dry prints that are water-resistant and fingerprint-proof, unlike traditional photo prints.

Can guests obtain extra copies of their prints online? All the prints from the event are added to a gallery on our website, where personalized images can be downloaded for free. Typically, all images are uploaded within 24 hours after the event. You will receive a USB stick containing all the individual images and personalized prints.

Can I have digital copies of all the images? We provide a USB stick that includes all the individual images and personalized prints from the event.

My event has a specific theme and color scheme. Can the booth be adjusted accordingly? We offer